Spearfishing Beginners Course


The Underwater academy: spearfishing for beginners

The level 1 spearfishing course is taught over two days $450 pp

Built around the structure of the AIDA 1 freediving course, the knowledge and skills of freediving is melded with the practical elements of hunting underwater. The course teaches you about spearfishing and associated safety with some fun challenges to aim for. Your instructors, with over 20 years experience in both the spearfishing, freediving and marine science worlds impart their knowledge on the following: 

  • Personalised gear selection for body type and style of diving

  • Gear maintenance, set-up and rigging

  • Fish identification, sustainable selection and hunting techniques for a variety of local species

  • Protected species and ethical selection

  • Sharks, hydrology and environmental hazards.

The course is split into theory and practical components where students cover:

  • Correct safety, rescue and breathing techniques for freediving

  • Equalisation and duck-diving for spearfishing at different depths

  • Efficiency for maximising bottom time

Additionally, part of the course will also feature a gear testing section, where students can test different types of freediving and spearfishing gear:

  • Fins: Carbon, fibre-glass, composite and plastics with varying stiffnesses.

  • Spearguns: The latest available spearguns stocked at Adreno

  • Masks: If you haven't found the perfect fit, now's your chance to try a huge range of the latest masks.... underwater!

Successful completion of the course will qualify you for certification as an AIDA 1 free diver. This is a good step toward the deeper freediving and spearfishing courses we have available. 


- Must be 18 years of age, or 16 with parental permission

- Must hold a valid fishing license if required by relevant state law

- Must be able to swim 300m with fins on